Job Search Tips for the Second Half of 2021

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Note that this article DOES NOT represent CakeResume. This is instead a Facebook post practice created by Johnny (me) from CakeResume’s perspective, only for the purpose of enhancing social media marketing skills.

Although pandemic continues to spread, it can’t quench your thirst for finding career opportunities. Following tips will help you navigate through the pandemic and land you an ideal job.

Made by Johnny(圖是我做的!)
  • Keep Networking

Networking remotely is not difficult at all. The only obstacle to building strong network virtually is that people forget to do it, especially when most of us for the first time experience such pandemic.

Either looking for professional communities on LinkedIn or informative groups on Facebook to join will be a great way to keep beneficial social connections.

  • Boost Your Skills

Now is the perfect time to cultivate new abilities and bolster your qualifications. As home quarantine saves you plenty of time and money, it would be clever to use the time and money saved to brush up on the skills that make you an even better job candidate than others.

  • Practice Online Interviews

Since the pandemic has forever changed the workplace of the future, online interviews will be the new normal and also essential for job seekers. Even if you are already experienced at job interviews in person, make sure you practice and prepare for online interviews as well.

➡️ How to Nail an Online Job Interview

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Somebody calls me Johnny, while the others call me John-an NTU economics major as well as a language enthusiast.

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Somebody calls me Johnny, while the others call me John-an NTU economics major as well as a language enthusiast.

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